About us

Yoggings Story

As an active woman, I love to wear leggings when exercising or going through my daily activities. However, I had difficulties finding in London leggings that were affordable, good quality, with a large choice of colours and a high waistband.

With my partner, we then decided to look at what would make the perfect leggings and see how we could commercialize them in the UK. After different trials, we came up with the actual leggings that we have the pleasure to propose to you.

Having tested them on dozens of girls for all sorts of activities ranging from gym to yoga or just doing their daily tasks, we had very good feedback from them about the quality and the comfort of our leggings and decided to launch them on the market at the end of 2017.

With high-quality stitching, breathable but non-see-through fabric, high waistband and a large choice of colours and designs, we are very confident that you will enjoy our products.


 Elena.G.  Co.Founder of @yoggings