Six Tips for weight loss

Six Tips on Losing weight for Women

Weight loss is not an easy task, It takes discipline, determination, having a good training program and a right diet. Weight loss requires you to face your weaknesses, moments of frustration and doubt. Unfortunately, it's even harder when you are constantly flooded with bad media information, such as transforming your body in three weeks with a magical detoxing tea. For this reason, I wrote this article which focuses on few points to give you tips on fat loss by providing useful tips to overcome stereotypes and misinformation, for you to lose weight once and for all!


1.Do not stop an intake of calories in other words - do not cut calories in your diet

    There is a persistent myth and believes that in order to lose body fat, women need to go hungry, this is simply a wrong myth! Women are encouraged by both the media and women's magazines to eat as little as possible. This is a terrible approach because the body will negatively regulate your metabolism in order to preserve its fuel and as a result, you will burn fewer calories per day. Moreover, the body will naturally start to extract nutrient its needs from bones, teeth, hair, and nails causing damage in a long term. The general rule is to never go below your resting metabolic rate, even if your lifestyle has no irregular physical activity.


    2.Workout to Increase Muscles and not for Weight Los

      A lot of women make a mistake of exercising with a single purpose - to lose weight. Although it seems like a good idea, studies show that when people are motivated to lose fat, they usually are not successful because they end up eating more calories later. In contrast, people who are training for other purposes, such as to get stronger or to build muscle, tend to slim down faster by burning more calories. Another reason is that exercises which are meant to increase lean muscles tissue tend to be metabolically stressful and your body will naturally start to burn more calories after a post-workout recovery period. In addition, exercising regularly have to become part of your lifestyle and not one-month motivation to get fast results and 11-month rest.


      3.Ladies, please do not get Upset

        There are numerous studies show that the calorie count increases anxiety and makes your body feel threatened, which increases stress. (Even myself, when I did not know what I was doing when dieting, I used to check my weight every morning and getting madly upset seeing the same numbers). Higher stress means that your body will release more cortisol. (Cortisol is a hormone in our body that involved in a regulation of metabolism in the cells and helps us to regulate stress within the body) Fewer calories in your diet also raise cortisol, so if you put them two together, you get the double cortisol blow from lack of food and this will lead to slow metabolism, impact on mental function and normal cells regeneration. Moreover, because women tend to get more depressed than men, cutting down on needed calories increase chances for a depressive state.

        In addition, increased levels of cortisol are bad news because it causes you to crave for foods high in carbohydrates and its prepares the body for fat storage in the dominating fat areas. The solution is to find a right way of eating that allows you to be satisfied and to avoid hunger by consuming healthy foods 5 times per day and  therefore naturally you will see results and be less upset.

        4.Cut down on refined carbohydrates - Consuming less of fast carbohydrate

        Few people realize how important to pay attention to refined carbohydrates in their diets. That is everything from a white bread, sweet cereals and packaged foods low in fat, contains carbohydrates that cause immediate insulin peaks. When you consume refined carbs often your body become resistant to insulin, which prepares it to store fat. On the other hand, healthy, whole carbohydrates especially vegetables, cause a gradual rise in blood sugar. Slow carbohydrates they also provide nutrients that enhance insulin sensitivity and containing healthy fibers which delay digestion. After an intense workout it's not recommended to have fruits or refined carbohydrates, as an alternative healthy protein and slow energy release carbs should be used instead, however those carbohydrates are more caloric rich so it is important to be aware of a portions size. (Measured In grams)

        5.Do not exclude dietary fats from your meals

        Low-fat diets cause a lot of problems for women and can directly affect monthly cycles. First, when women try to avoid fat in their diet and eat more carbohydrates this will lead to fluctuations in blood sugar increase insulin which reducing fat burning. Secondly, inadequate dietary fat contributes to hormonal imbalances, since the body uses the supplied cholesterol fat for the manufacture of hormones. On the other hand, sources of natural fats, such as butter (Organic, grass fed), eggs and fish provide essential nutrients that the body can easily absorb and use. 

        When women don't get enough of these nutrients, this can lead to high hunger signals causing women to eat more. Diets that are rich in omega 3 fats from fish and meat which are fed with grass, monounsaturated fats that are in nuts, avocados, seeds, eggs and coconut oil these healthy fats have to be included in your food. Stay away from processed fats like vegetable oils and trans fats (hydrogenated fats often found in packaged foods).

        6. When working out, use your whole body

        It's easy for women to divert workouts, however choosing only isolation exercises or small muscle movements which targets specific body parts is not a very effective approach, because these exercises are not metabolically stressful enough (Unless using heavy weights when training) and they cause a post workout minimum burning calories compared to exercises that use the whole body. The combination of weights and cardio training (Circuits or Crossfit) is the fastest way to lose weight, for example, exercises such as squats, push-ups, lunges and similar movements that use the whole body combined with running, jumping and skipping.

        I hope you find those tips useful, but please remember to consult with the nutritionist and physical professional to examine and assist you with your goals on losing weight and stay healthy.

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