Add these 3 exercises to Build Rounder Botocks

Build rounder booty with three base workouts

There are plenty of ladies that what to shape up their butt, either going to the gym or train in-house.  To have a nice round "big" booty you would need to set up training series that will work efficiently for that purpose.
This serious have to be composed of the best but exercises that mainly focuses on the glutes. We have gathered few exciting that would help you to transform your rear end, having a firmer and rounder butt.
Obviously before doing any of those exciting consults with your coach parallel to your fitness goals and health.

Squats without weight

One of the first exercises on the list is squats! It's contributing a higher percentage among all other exercises in a development of your glutes. (butt)

Squatting can be done with weights and without weights which are ideal for a beginner. Those who have some experience with this workout can start using small weights when performing an exercise.
In addition to the buttocks, the exercise still works the quadriceps, the posterior muscles of the thigh, the adductors, the abs and the erector of the spine.

How To?

Begin in the standing position, with your feet apart at shoulder width, extend your arms forward as in or using a support of the bar with weights on your shoulders. Then bend the knees slowly until the thighs are parallel to the floor, forming a 90º angle. Finally, extend the legs and return to the original positioning.
If you cannot bend at a 90-degree angle, the recommendation is to do the deepest squat you can while maintaining the proper posture of the head, chest, and pelvic region. It is necessary to make sure that these body parts are not bent forward during an exercise.



Sumo Squat

It another variation of the squat that works your whole buttocks, contributing to it becomes rounder,  increases in a size and triggering a good part of the muscles of the thighs too.
One of the main principles of sumo squat is to have your feet wider than in the normal squat, see below.
How To?
Start with a wide standing, legs apart beyond the direction of the hip and the tips of the feet pointing outwards. Keep the spine straight, do not lean forward. Perform the descent movement in moderate pace forming a 90º angle with the knee and thigh. Pay attention to the knee do not go beyond the tips of your feet.
To make this exercise more intensive, hold some weight in the hands at the time of descent, such as dumbbells, (if performing at home, use bottle of water, 2litres) However, it is important to be careful when choosing weight: see with your instructor which load is indicated for you and keep in mind that the key is to maintain the quality of movement and not work with a high amount of weight.


Lunges is another exercise for buttocks that develops firm glutes and also quadriceps, the posterior muscles of the thigh and the adductors.
How to?
Position yourself standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a fixed dumbbell or weight free in each hand and leave the arms extended at the side of the body. Then take one foot forward and flex the knee of the leg 90º until the corresponding thigh is parallel to the floor. Return to the original position.
The back foot should be fixed to the ground during movement while the leg is stretched and the rear knee points to the ground as shown in the picture above.  The back has to be straight and the body weight should be on the advancing leg.
To emphasize on your glutes during the exercise, it is recommended to take a broader step. The use of a bench or an aerobic step to support one of the legs will make the movement more difficult and intense for a better development of the glute muscles. 


Tips: When performing above excesses try to find the right position of your footing that will engage your glutes muscles. Only do that if you don't feel your glutes engaging when your feet in a standard position. If you feel any pain in your back or knees do not continue performing this exercise and consult with a personal trainer.
In addition, in order to make your glutes muscles to grow and therefore shaping them into a nicer fuller buttocks, you would have to put enough stress in order for them to increase in size. You can do that by doing 4/6 sets with a minimum of 15 repetitions and having 1minute and 30 seconds of rest. If you are going to do only 8 repetitions this won't cause enough stress and therefore you won't see any results.